Thoracic Spine and Mid Back

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Thoracic Spine / Mid Back Pain

The thoracic area is the vertebrae that have ribs attached to them. Because of the extra support the ribs supply the spine, the mid back is a strong robust area, which usually responds very well the treatment and resolves quickly. Pain and stiffness is usually caused by local trauma or long periods of poor posture.

What causes Thoracic Spine Pain?

Originating between the shoulder blades, pain commonly presents as a sharp stabbing that comes and goes with movement and prolonged periods in hunched postures. Treatment for this condition is generally pain–free, very safe and immediately effective.

What treatment will I receive?

The following therapies are effective in treating symptoms:

  • Heat packs to draw blood to the muscles, reduce pain and inflammation
  • Remedial massage to draw tension from the muscles and facilitate movement
  • Gentle joint mobilisations to free movement in the joints between vertebrae
  • Simple and gentle exercises to self-treat and prevent pain after your therapy session
  • Postural exercises to improve movement and flexibility
  • Occupational and home ergonomic advice
  • Interventions through self-massage and other prevention strategies related to your lifestyle
  • Surgery is rarely recommended

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