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All the staff at Tokyo Physio are passionate about sports injuries. We are committed to providing you with great service right from from your initial contact, through to the completion of your final treatment. All our therapists are Australian trained and both lead and partake in ongoing education to ensure we are up to date with the latest research.

Jacob Monk

Jacob is an Australian raised and trained physiotherapist who has a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice from La Trobe University  in Victoria. Jacob is currently studying for his post-graduate Masters in Sports Physiotherapy.

Jacob has worked in private practice in Australia, where he has become adept at treating athletes with sporting injuries, particularly football, running and basketball. Through his work with sporting teams Jacob has had the opportunity to work with Olympic and national level basketballers, footballers. Jacob has a special interest and wealth of experience in treating lower limb inuries, particarly hip and groin pain, acute knee pain, ACL injuries and acute ankle and hamstring injuries. Being a keen runner himself, Jacob also conducts running biomechanical assessments for injury prevention and rehabilitation.
Jacob also has training and extensive experience in dry needling and is also a certified level 1 strength and conditioning coach which he utilities in his detailed rehabilitation programs. Other ailments Jacob reguarly sees include headaches, shoulder and low back pain and overuse injuries. Jacob loves surfing, running and has trained and competed in several martial arts including muay thai and karate.
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Joseph Padilla

Joseph treats all varieties of orthopedic pain, but specializes in low back pain, neck pain, headaches, and plantar fasciitis. He is a hands-on therapist, using a variety of massage and joint mobilization techniques in conjunction with home exercises he gives based on the impairments he identifies in the examination. In addition he has experience treating runners with knee and foot pain. Joseph’s philosophy is “get to the source of the problem to not only get rid of the pain you came in with, but to prevent injury in the future”. Credentials: Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce Universty in Arizona, USA. Managed an orthopedic clinic in Colorado, USA before arriving here.

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Bevan Colless KES_5951as-2362080007-O-217x300

Bevan has a degree in Sports Science from the University of Technology Sydney and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from the University of Sydney.  Bevan has worked several seasons in Niseko Physio and has a special interest in acute knee injuries, in particular the ACL and MCL. Bevan lectures around Asia for other physiotherapist and runners in the latest developments in running injuries. He is a certified Running Injury Specialist by The Running Clinic.  Bevan is also a F.I.S.T certified bike fitter with years of experience bike-fitting int he Tokyo clinic. Bevan is an elite Age Group (amateur) triathlete, 10x Ironman finisher (9.30PB), with several  Age group and overall podium finishers in triathlons around the world.  Bevan is a certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach by Triathlon Australia and currently coaches a stable of athletes of all abilities.


Vanessa Colless KES_5943as-2362080013-O-214x300

Vanessa Colless has a degree in Medical Science and Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. Along with her husband Bevan, Vanessa is a co-founder of Tokyo Physio and  has developed an excellent reputation over the last 11 years in Japan. Vanessa is an elite level ironman triathlete, being the third Australian female in her age group to finish in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2012. She recently won her Age Group in the Ironman West Australia by 30 minutes. She has completed several courses in Women’s Health and provided and array of the associated services to pre and post-natal women in Japan, and now in Singapore. Vanessa also performs running biomechanical assessments and general physiotherapy.


Lina Yamada

Lina is a Japanese trained physiotherapist who has become a full time pilates instructor. Lina worked in Japan as a certified pilates instructor and then lived in Australia where she worked in one of the top pilates studios in Brisbane. She returned to Japan and is now offering small group and private pilates reformer mat and chair classes in our Tokyo Physio studio .

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KES_5929as-2362079954-O-221x300 Pia Aizawa

Pia is the ‘glue’ that holds everything together at Tokyo Physio, Massage and Pilates! Pia is a Finish national and has lived in Japan with her Japanese husband and two children for over 25 years. As one would expect from a  Fin, Pia has excellent attention to details, great problem solving skills and will ensure all your interactions with Tokyo Physio are as smooth as possible. She speaks and reads Japanese fluently and can assist you with your insurance claim if needed.

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