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Our facilities have been designed to ensure recovery to full function. Our specially selected equipment includes Tokyo’s most accurate testing and rehabilitation training equipment. Our gym is designed to rehabilitate and return to full function. We have scoured the globe for the best facilities, and they all have a select purpose: to aid your recovery.

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In the clinic, we have:

Isokinetic upper and lower limb machines

Isokinetic testing is the gold standard for strength and power testing. Previously only available in sports institutes, we are the only clinic in Tokyo to offer this testing

Norbord Hamstring

Assessment World’s Most Accurate Hamstring Testing Machine, used by all 24 Premier League Clubs and all NBA and NFL teams.

Forcedeck Force-plate platform

Force plates are used by sports scientists across the world for accurate strength and power measures

Exxcentric flywheel training leg extension, K box and tower

Flywheel training is rapidly becoming more popular for rehabilitation as it accentuates the eccentric phase of strength which is critical for absorbing forces and in turn prevent re-injury.

Smith Rack, Squat Rack and multi-cable cross machines

Our multi-function machine allows for a hug range of cable and free weight exercises.

Game Ready icing machine

World’s finest ice and compression machine

Pilates wall and stretching facilities

Elite Performance Bike Fit centre

With Velogic, 3D Aero and Leomo motion capture systems

Commercial Treadmill with Anti-Gravity Training

Our anti-gravity treadmill reduces weight by up to 30%, allowing a return to run training.