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ACL Injuries – Anterior Cruciate Ligament

We believe our treatment of ACL injuries are the best in Tokyo. All of our physiotherapists are specially trained in the latest techniques for ACL rehabilitation and management.

Practice owner Bevan Colless is an industry leader in this area, having worked with thousands of ACL patients in the ski fields of Japan over the last decade.

ACL Injury Treatment Tokyo

Industry Leading Rehabilitation

Our successful results are proven with 90% lower postoperative side effects than published industry standards. Under our care, patients experience minimal postoperative side effects like patello-femoral pain, hamstring strains and tendinopathies. We achieve excellent results through our years of experience preventing problems before they begin.

Non-Operative ACL management

If you have ruptured your ACL and are wondering whether to have an operation or not, we can help you with your decision. We have led thousands of patients through this process and offer guidance specific to your situation. Surgery can be painful, expensive, and a major inconvenience in your life. Recent research suggests many patients can achieve excellent outcomes without surgical intervention. You may be able to return to high level sports and function without surgery and we can discuss if conservative management is right for you.

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