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Running assessments are for anyone looking to improve their running efficiency, speed and to address or prevent the causes of injuries.

At Tokyo Physio, we have been working with elite professional and amateur runners for many years. Our practice principals Bevan and Vanessa Colless have raced as elite amateurs for many years and have both raced the Hawaii Ironman multiple times. 

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Many of the injuries we see have a root cause in the patient’s running biomechanics.
We treat a full range of running injuries including ankle paincalf muscle painhamstring injurieship pain, knee pain, lower back pain and mid back pain. Understanding movement of the whole body in relation to running and the laws of motion are required for efficient and effective running. We offer biomechanic assessments for athletes looking to improve their performance and prevent injuries from occurring.


Combining video analysis with a comprehensive history and physical inspection of body movement, we are able to identify effective and ineffective techniques and diagnose potential causes of injury.
Filming is done from the front, rear and both sides using specialist sports biomechanics software. In conjunction with a biomechanical screening, any individual factors compromising performance can be identified and addressed.
We provide unique analysis taking into account your individual strengths and flexibility.

Our physiotherapists assess your individual running mechanics and recommend changes depending on the type of runner you are and the events you are targeting. We also recommend specific programs to assist in the management of any ongoing problems to get you back to running.

After the consultation, you will receive a report and an individually prescribed exercise program through an app that will guide you through your targeted program like a personal trainer at home. 

Please bring the following for the running assessment:

Current running shoes (racing flats if using)

Orthotics (if using)


Running top/singlet/crop-top

Our running biomechanical assessment will take 90 minutes. A report and training program is included.