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Sports Physiotherapy in Tokyo


Tokyo Physio has been the leading provider of sports physio in Tokyo for over a decade.

We have native English speaking sports physiotherapists trained in Australia, which is usually regarded as the world leader in physiotherapy training and research.

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Our sports physiotherapists have detailed knowledge of the way an athlete’s body mechanically operates.

Their extensive qualifications and experience enables them to tailor treatment to your sport, injury and future needs. Moreover, your sports therapist can assist in helping you to maintain peak condition for your sport by implementing management strategies.

In addition to treating sport related injury, a sport physiotherapist can assist their patient in developing appropriate strength and flexibility which will certainly improve performance.

We are able to assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of sporting related injuries such as;

We have state of the art equipment, including the Game Ready ice machine and a web-based exercise prescription that will see you with your own personal rehabilitation exercises ‘web site’ with videos and photos of all your exercises.