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Neck Pain & Headaches Tokyo

Neck pain & headaches can affect your daily activities, sleep and limit participation in recreational activities.

Our therapists have studied and trained at the finest physiotherapy universities in the world. Our therapists are all highly trained with degrees in physiotherapy from leading universities in the field.

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Neck Pain

Neck strains and whiplash are commonly caused by falls on the mountain or on icy streets. Poor posture on planes, buses, and trains can also see necks to become aggravated. The neck is one of any physiotherapist’s favourite areas to treat, as we can usually make big difference in a patient’s pain and enjoyment of life. We use a range of treatments including heat packs, soft tissue release of muscles and tendons, massage, joint mobilisations and gentle but very effective contract and relax stretching and passive intervertebral joint movements to free to movement between vertebrae which is essential for normal pain free neck function


Many headaches have some part of the cause being in the upper three joints in the neck. If neck movement or posture causes headaches to increase treating these joints may reduce the intensity and duration of headaches. We have had many patients wait until too long into their holiday before seeking treatment for their travel-induced headaches.