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MCL Tears


MCL tears are prevalent in skiing, racquet and ball sports. In our ski clinics, we see these injuries daily and have become experts in managing them.

The MCL prevents torsional forces in the knee and is an essential stabiliser during twisting. A strong and stable MCL is vital to a high knee function. MCL ligament tears must be managed well to ensure the ligament heals with full strength and stability. 

MCL injuries often require bracing to restrict the movement in the knee and keep the damaged ligament in the optimal healing position. In severe MCL cases, surgery may be indicated.

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Substantial MCL tears will require some time in a brace to restrict the range of motion and give the ligament optimum conditions to heal.

MCL tears are graded as:

  1. partial tear with no laxity, healing time 2-3 weeks.
  2. partial tear with some laxity/weakness
  3. full tear

Grade II and III tears requires 4-12 weeks for full recovery depending on various factors. MCL ruptures can leave the knee stiff and weak, so a structured rehabilitation program is required to achieve full function.