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Hip/Groin Injuries - Tokyo


The hip and groin is a complex area that requires a thorough history to select the right treatment plan. We understand the sensitivity of these injuries and are trained to treat symptoms with care. 

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Most Common Hip and Groin Injuries

The most common hip and groin injuries we see are:
The hip flexors are a group of muscles that cover the front of the hip and pelvis and they can be injured when overly exerted or stretched.

The labrum is a circle of cartilage that is an extension of the socket. It is commonly torn in a fall or can become torn through general wear and tear.  Bursitis, osteitis pubis, adductor tendinopathy, and strains are all common injuries that can affect your ability to ski or snowboard well.

The hip joint is prone to wear and tear and many older skiers are managing their hips either before or after hip replacements. We can work to reduce pain and improve mobility in the joint and release tight muscles to keep the joint moving adequately to enable people to keep skiing, even with hips that are not functioning at their full capacity. We can perform soft tissue techniques and manual therapy to release the ball and socket joint and provide an improved range of movement to keep people skiing longer.