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“I did my first ride of 60km this morning after the fitting. I am very happy with the ride as I can actually feel that my riding power has increased and I was very comfortable physically throughout the whole ride. I could keep pace with the group and was still energetic after the ride.

I have definitely benefited from your fitting and regretted that I haven’t come for your fitting earlier. I will definitely work on all your recommendations.
Thank you once again”

Testomonial by Raymond Lim

Bike Fit Tokyo

Glenn Fayers

Glenn has been working with Asia Physio since 2013 and has since worked across multiple branches, now living and working back in Tokyo. He completed his Physiotherapy degree in the University of Huddersfield (UK) in 2008, going on to add a post-graduate certification in Spinal Manual Therapy in 2012. He also gained his qualification in bike fitting in 2017.

Glenn has a special interest in the role of muscle imbalances in both injury treatment and prevention, and has had great success in treating chronic and acute conditions with hands-on and exercise therapy. He is also experienced with many post-operative conditions and can manage your rehabilitation confidently.

A keen sportsman himself, Glenn plays football regularly and is a keen runner and cyclist. Not only does he know how frustrating injuries can be, he knows the specific techniques needed in a wide variety of sports to return to play as quick as possible, and importantly, stay injury free.

If you are wondering whether you need a bike fit, here are some questions to ask yourself. When riding, do you ever suffer from:

  • Back, Hip or Knee pain?
  • Stiff/sore neck?
  • Numbness?
  • Lack of power or explosiveness?
  • Discomfort on your bike?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you will benefit from our bike fitting service. Many cyclists have an incorrect bike set-up or poor technique, which can lead to acute and chronic injuries or decreased cycling performance. Clinical assessment at Tokyo Physio will allow you to:

  • Optimise your performance / power output
  • Improve aerodynamics
  • Increase your peak power and FTP
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent injury
  • Get more out of your cycling
  • Ride more comfortably
Why use us for your bike fit?
  • Fully certified F.I.S.T. bike fitter
  • Use of an Exit Cycling Fit Bike to achieve your fit coordinates
  • Claimable under most international health insurance policies
  • Physiotherapists provide extra level expertise to your bike fit, performing a full physical assessment and targeting cycling biomechanic injuries
  • We fit the bike to your capabilities rather than the other way around
  • Pre-purchase bike fits are available
  • Aerodynamic specialists
Bike Fitting Tokyo

The Bike Fitting Process:

We begin by taking a comprehensive history of your athletic background, cycling past, future goals and injury record. We then perform a physical screening procedure including:

  • Musculoskeletal measurements such as flexibility, core strength and the alignment of your bones and feet – so that we know what position your body is capable of attaining and controlling without injury
  • Anthropometric measurements such as leg and arm length – so that we can accurately establish parameters such as saddle height and handlebar distance
  • We measure your bike, your joint angles when pedalling, observe your technique and identify any faults that need correcting
  • We will video you on the bike from a number of different angles and different power outputs and review the videos with you instantly on our motion capture system
  • We will provide aerodynamic advice with regard to body position, hydration systems and bike set ups to make you faster
  • Lastly, after compiling all of the relevant information and correlating this with your personal goals, we adjust your bike to create your “perfect ride”. We take into consideration factors such as aerodynamics, power output, flexibility and ability to breathe easily to create a comfortable, fast and pain-free ride.

What to Bring to Your Bike Set-Up:

  • Your bike
  • Your shoes
  • Your bike shorts or tri shorts

What’s Included?

  • Your appointment will last up to 2 hours
  • All measurements mentioned above and adjustment of your bike set-up
  • A comprehensive report including all your measurements and fit coordinates in “Stack and Reach”

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Post purchase bike fit: ¥24,000
    Once you have received your bike we will dial it in exactly so it fits you perfectly.

What types of Bikes do we fit?

  • Time Trial & Triathlon
  • Road
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike XC
  • Recreational / commuter

We also offer a full triathlon service including a 1:1 high performance program to analyse your training, running and swimming biomechanics.

In addition, our online coaching programs provide advice designed specifically for you, your life situation and goals.

For more on triathlon coaching see here.

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