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Bike Fitting Service Tokyo

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Our aim is to create the perfect union between cyclist and bike, resulting in harmonious motion, optimal power and aerodynamics, and a comfortable cycling experience. Comfort is critical because any time you are in pain not only does your performance drop but you stop enjoying the ride!

A bike fit is designed to:
  • bikefitOptimise your performance / power output
  • Prevent or treat injuries
  • Ride more comfortably
  • Maintain the most aerodynamic position for longer.
Why use Tokyo Physio to fit your bike?
  1. A physiotherapist is in a unique position to provide an extra level of expertise that most bike fitters don’t have. We are experts in injury treatment and prevention, as well as human biomechanics and cycling biomechanics. This means that we can more directly relate any problems (such as pain, injury or poor performance) to your individual situation and goals.
  2. We can also put you in a position that we are very confident you can maintain and will be the right position for your body, not just taking measurements and fitting your size to a formula.
  3. You may be able to claim the cost of your fit from your international health insurance.
  4. F.I.S.T certified fitting technique, using modern dynamic-fitting techniques.

Bevan Colless, our bike fitter is a high level cyclist and triathlete who understands cycling and the demands they place on your body

The Bike Fitting Process:

We begin by taking a comprehensive history of your athletic background, cycling past and future goals, injury record.

We then measure you, including:
  1. Musculoskeletal measurements such as flexibility, core strength and the alignment of your bones and feet – so that we know what position your body is capable of attaining and controlling without injury
  2. Anthropometric measurements such as leg length – so that we can accurately establish parameters such as saddle height and others.
  3. Your measurements on the bike – we measure your bike, your joint angles when pedaling, observe your technique and identify any faults that need correcting
  4. We will video you on the bike in a number of different angles and at different power outputs and review these videos with you instantly on our iPad
  5. Lastly, after compiling all of the relevant information and correlating this with your personal goals, we adjust your bike to create your “perfect ride”. We take into consideration factors such as aerodynamics, power output, flexibility and ability to breathe easily so as to create a comfortable, fast and pain-free ride that prevents the development of injuries.

What to Bring to Your Bike Set-Up:

  • Your bike
  • Your shoes
  • Your bike and tri shorts

What’s Included and What’s it Cost?

Your appointment will last up to 2hours

It includes all of the measurements mentioned above and adjusting your bike set-up to create your “perfect” ride

You will also be supplied with a comprehensive report including all your measurements.


¥24,000 0 for 1 bike
We can also set-up your second bike for¥12,000

As your bike fit is a physiotherapy consultation, you can claim part of the cost from private health insurance.

What types of Bikes do we Set-Up?

  • Road
  • Time Trial & Triathlon
  • Track
  • Mountain Bike XC
  • Recreational / commuter

We offer a full triathlon service including analysis of running and swimming biomechanics, and can provide an individualised coaching program to target your goals.

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