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About Bevan Colless

Biker Fitter & Physiotherapist

Bevan is a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with athletes. In addition, he is a certified F.I.S.T. (Fitting Institute of Slowtwitch) Bikefitter. The father of bikefitting, Dan Empfield, created the F.I.S.T. protocol; and the course is held exclusively at Dan’s ranch in California. The F.I.S.T. protocol combines years of fit data and real-time feedback to create the best possible riding position to match your riding style. management systems.

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Bevan is a renowned free-speed and aero-geek.
During his racing career, he always looked for more speed at the same power and considered all facets of aerodynamics when working with time trialists, triathletes and bike racers. As a physiotherapist, he is interested in data-based measurements and bringing a professional sporting team level of human measurement technology to the general public.

Bike Fitter

Bevan has attended and presented at several bike fit, medical, and sports science conferences.

Bevan had a 10-year career as an elite amateur triathlete and bike racer, qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman in 2013 and 2015. He is husband to Vanessa Colless, an elite amateur and 3 x Hawaii Ironman Qualifier and father to 5-year-old Lola.

Milestones and Accreditation

Level 1 Triathlon Coach

F.I.S.T. Certified Bike Fitter

2018 Presentation Athlete Lab, Singapore

The Importance of Bike Fit

2017 Presentation Singapore Triathlon

How to Gain Free Speed on the Bike

2017 Presentation Triathlon Tokyo Society

How to get to T2 Faster

2012 Presentation Hong Kong Physiotherapist Society

How to Manage and Prevent Cycling Pain and Injuries

Triathlon and Cycling Career

2007 – Murakami Triathlon, Niigata, Japan

Age Group Winner

2007 – Watarase Triathlon

Overall Winner

2009 – Vineman Full Distance Ironman, Sonoma, California

6th Overall

2010 – Naganum Criterium Bike Race, Sapporo, Japan

Winner C2

2010 – Challenge Copenhagen I.M. distance, Denmark

10th in Age Group

2011 – Tour De Hokkaido

Stage Winner, 3rd in C2

2012 – Hascup Triathlon, Tomokomai, Hokkaido Japan

Overall Winner

2013 – Bintan Olympic Triathlon – D.N.F.

Collapsed with heat stroke 500m from the finish line while in the overall lead – D’oh

2013 – Cebu 70.3 Philippines

AG Winner – T.I.M.E.X. Fastest Amateur Bike Split Cash Prize Winner

2013- IM Canada – Whistler

6th in AG – First Age Grouper of the Bike – Hawaii Ironman Qualifier

2013 – Hawaii I.M. – Kona

Bike Split 24 seconds faster than fastest female pro bike split (Caroline Steffen) – we’ve all got to have goals!

2014 Ironman Japan, Lake Toya, Hokkaido

2nd in A.G., Hawaii Ironman Qualifier

2015 Hawaii Ironman



Quick Bike Fit

1 Hour: ¥18,000

Our bare-bones, straight-to-the-bike fit option. It does not include a history, physical assessment, consultation, or physical assessment. The bikefit use the Velogicfit System and includes a digital report with before and after bicycle specifications and fit images.

Standard Bike Fit

2 Hours: ¥28,800

Perfect for cyclists looking for a simple yet effective bike fit to improve power or target specific areas of pain or discomfort. The standard bike fit includes a complete physiotherapy clinical history and physical assessment, cleat analysis, and in-clinic Velogic motion capture assessment. Perfect for those looking to get a comfortable basic bikefit and reduce pain and discomfort while riding.

Clinical Physiotherapist Bike Fit

3 Hours: ¥38,800

Our most popular service. The bikefit includes a history and physical assessment done by a physiotherapist. The evaluation consists of a digital strength and power analysis of hamstring and quadriceps strength and a Gait Scan to assess foot dynamics. The on-trainer bike assessment is indoors using the VelogicFit Motion Capture system to solve common bikefit issues and optimise your bike position. In addition, a bespoke conditioning program through the Telehab app will address weakness, tightness and reduce pain and discomfort on the bike.

The Ultimate Clinical Bike Fit

3-4 Hours: ¥58,000

Our most comprehensive service. Not only a Bike fit, but it’s also a physiotherapy consultation, a thorough physical assessment including world-leading digital human measurement technology, and a tailored conditioning program. These sports science technologies have generally been only available for professional sporting teams and sports institutes, and research departments. Now Tokyo Physio E.P.C. is one of the first bike fit studios to bring them to the public.

Ultimate Clinical Bike Fit

The Ultimate Clinical Bike Fit Includes:
  • A discussion of the cyclist’s past, present and future goals.
  • A medical history covering all relevant injuries and pain (bring all pertinent X-ray / M.R.I. scans and reports).
  • Digital Foot Scan assessment using Gait Scan technology – the data is available to create custom cycling shoe inserts (4–6-week delay for manufacture and delivery)
  • Dual Force Plate Assessment using Force Deck platforms to analyse balance, strength, symmetry and explosive power.
  • Digital isokinetic and isometric strength testing for the major lower limb muscles. We individually measure the critical cycling muscles to analyse right vs left strength discrepancies and compare them against normative data for gender and age. Hamstring, gluteal, quadriceps, adductors and calf muscles are all assessed.
  • Digital flexibility and range of motion assessment using HumanTrak technology
  • Isokinetic Muscle Testing – Peak Force, Peak Power and Peak Strength. Left Vs Right and Quads V Hamstrings
The data for this assessment assists in bikefit decision-making and also to prescribe a specific conditioning strength and flexibility improvement program to improve performance and decrease pain on the bike.
In addition, you will receive an exercise program on Telehab, our exercise prescription software and app. The program acts as a personal trainer, guiding you through your program at home or the gym, prompting you to do the program through notifications and log and update your progress. The strength and flexibility data we collect can also be used as a baseline to re-measure after training progress and compare in case of future injuries.

On The Bike

After the clinical evaluation and rider measurement, we use dual motion capture technology to measure the rider in the studio and on the bike.

First, L.E.O.M.O.’s cycling-specific Motion Performance Indicators (M.P.I.s) are fitted for an outdoor ride to assess critical joint angles, pedal efficiency, and pelvic tilt. Then the traditional indoor component of the fit is performed using the Velogic 3D Motion capture system. This system assesses joint angles and geometric data in 3D, including knee tracking. Finally, a brief outdoor ride is conducted at the start and competition of the bikefit to measure changes off the bike trainer and while climbing a nearby hill. Combining our medical knowledge, understanding of high-performance requirements, data-based human measurement technology, and dual motion-capture systems provides the fitter and rider with unparalleled levels of data to achieve the perfect position and to cross-reference the effectiveness of the new fit positions.

A digital and or printed fit report, including pre and post fit measurements, digital images, key findings, and recommendations, is sent soon after the bike fit.

The Ultimate fit also includes a free 60-minute bikefit review within one month of the initial fit to ensure the rider is completely satisfied with the final fit dimensions.