Tokyo Physio’s Elite Therapy Clinic, aims to bring the highest level of Human Measurement Technology and rehabilitation, normally reserved for elite sporting institutions, to the general public.

Using these advancements in equipment to best track and manage injuries. Paired with industry-leading practitioners, we strive to create one of the greatest physiotherapy clinics in the world, right here in Tokyo.

Tokyo Physio has opened its new Elite Therapy Clinic. Our new facility is unique in Japan, having the most highly experienced and professional physiotherapists combined with a range of rehabilitation equipment that is unique, not only in Japan but also worldwide.

Tokyo Physio is also part of a collection of the wider Asia Physio group, with multiple clinics across Japan and Singapore. We have been operating in Asia since 2002, and our therapists have an average of >15 years per therapist, the most experienced of clinics in the country.

We have the aim for our new clinic to be the best physiotherapy clinic in the world. The facilities are unlike any other Japanese clinic and are also quite unique globally.

This level of rehabilitation has previously only been available to professional athletes and sports institutes, and they are now available to you.

Elite Therapy Clinic Address:

AY Bld 2F

Higashi 3-15-5


Tokyo 150-0011

Phone: 03 3443 6769

To make a booking or general enquiry please email us at info@tokyophysio.com we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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