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Neck Pain Tokyo

The neck is an area where dysfunction and pain is common and increasing. Long periods using computers and electronic devices put extra pain on the neck. At Asia Physio, we have our key locations in major metropolis and our largely ex-patriate population tend to work in offices and suffer from neck pain regularly, so we have a special interest in neck pain and all therapists have specific training in managing the area.

What Causes Neck Pain?

neck pain tokyoStiff and painful necks are often caused by poor posture and a build-up of tension and pain in the muscles and joints of the neck. We provide a combination of therapies aimed at providing immediate relief but also addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

What Treatment Will I Receive at Tokyo Physio?

During a treatment session, we may use the following therapies:

  • Moist heat packs to draw blood to the muscles, reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Remedial massage the take tension from the muscles and facilitate movement
  • Gentle joint mobilisations to breakdown adhesions and free up movement in the joints between vertebrae. Only physiotherapists can provide joint mobilisations. Generally the main source of pain is in the joints rather than the muscles, so massage alone is not sufficient.
  • Simple and gentle exercises to self-treat and keep the pain away for long after your therapy session
  • Postural exercises to improve the movement in the spine and make long-term improvements in posture.
  • Self-management interventions through advice on occupational and home ergonomics, self-massage and mobilisations and other prevention strategies.

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