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Lower Back Pain and Lumbar Spine Pain

There are many causes of lower back pain. We take care to assess the important structures in this region to correctly diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Keeping active to maintain movement and flexibility is vital.

What to Expect When You Come to an Tokyo Physio Clinic with Back Pain?

In your initial assessment we will take a history of your condition and conduct a physical assessment of the musculoskeletal and neural systems. This allows us to identify which areas are restricted in movement and require stretching and which areas are weak and require strengthening.

If we feel further investigations are required (scans or X-rays) we can refer you to a relevant clinic.

What Treatment Will I Receive?

Although we do not treat to a formula and our choice of treatment is always related to each condition individually, we may use the following therapies:

  • Heat packs to draw blood to the muscles, reduce pain and inflammation
  • Remedial and Sports massage to draw tension from the muscles and facilitate movement
  • Gentle joint mobilisations to free movement in the joints between vertebrae
  • Simple and gentle exercises to self-treat and prevent pain after your therapy session
  • Spinal and core exercises to improve movement and improve posture and flexibility
  • Occupational and home ergonomic advice
  • Interventions through self-massage and other prevention strategies related to your lifestyle
  • You may also be interested in our back-improvement program – 4 Weeks to a Better Back

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