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FEET – Plantar Fascia, Metatarsal Issues Etc

Our physiotherapists have a strong background in running injuries and triathlon we have an excellent understanding of the foot and biomechanics. We treat injuries and pain in the foot regularly and achieve good results.

Plantar Fasciitis is an irritation to the plantar fascia that runs along the bottom of the arch of the foot, inserting into the heel. Previously known as “Heel Spur’ it was renamed once we realised that the presence of a heel spur on X-ray was often not related to the condition. Treatment involves manual therapy to release tension in the muscles of the feet and calf, electrotherapy to stimulate healing, a modulated and progressive muscle strengthening and stretching program, strapping to reduce re-aggravation and advice on home management including possible orthotics, heel pads, night splints and activity modification.

Other common conditions we can help include Moreton’s neuroma (pain in the ball of the foot), metatarsalgia, turf-toe, plantar plate injuries, and more.

The treatment for each condition will be very specific to the diagnosis, and we can also prescribe and fit custom orthotics if required. please call for any further questions.

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