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Tokyo Physio is owned and operated by the team at Asia Physio, Tokyo’s & Japan’s leading expatriate physiotherapy and massage provider since 2002. We are committed to providing quality care for residents and visitors to the region. We practice an Australian-style of physiotherapy, generally considered the world leader in physiotherapy.

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An ACL Game Changer

Working in a ski side physiotherapy clinic without a medical centre, you end up talking about ACLs (anterior cruciate ligament) a lot. In fact, once

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Mara Yamauchi Retires

The news broke yesterday via Mara Yamauchi’s blog that she has decided to retire from elite distance running. Mara was a regular patient at Tokyo

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Wrist Injuries

Wrist Injuries FOOSH! While in après ski resort bars this may be the sound skiers make to recant their best turn or take off for

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ACL injuries

It has been an eventful winter for us here at Tokyo Physio. We established a winter clinic in Niseko ( servicing the recent tidal wave

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Broker’s Neck

At Tokyo Physio we continue to look for ways to improve our service to the ex-patriate community and have recently hired Morioka-san – “Mokka” an

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Diet and Weight Loss

G’day once again injured gaijin. This summer we decided to write about something people are always asking us about: achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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