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Tokyo Physio is owned and operated by the team at Asia Physio, Tokyo’s & Japan’s leading expatriate physiotherapy and massage provider since 2002. We are committed to providing quality care for residents and visitors to the region. We practice an Australian-style of physiotherapy, generally considered the world leader in physiotherapy.

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First – Do No Harm!

The Hippocratic Oath is a pledge that all doctors take when they are first registered to practice medicine. It includes the well known and oft-repeated,

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Are you Unbalanced?

Our bodies are really just two separate halves desperately trying to align themselves as one. From our right and left sided hemispheres of our brains

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Knee Pain from Cycling

Looking through fitness magazines and websites, there is certainly no shortage of information for the runners out there when it comes to performance and injury

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Stay The Knife!

As physiotherapists we have a great relationship and work closely with many surgeons. But despite this, much of what we do is trying to put

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Is Imaging Overused?

Like any responsible clinic owner, I occasionally Google our clinic name, to see what the search returns. A few years ago I found a bad

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