Bevan Colless

Physiotherapist, Bike Fitter

Areas of Expertise:
Knees, Bike Fit

Bevan is a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with athletes and a long career as an athlete himself. During his long career, Bevan and his partner Vanessa have successfully opened and operated clinics throughout Asia, currently with 4 clinics in the ski resorts of Japan, Tokyo and Singapore.

Through Bevans’s sporting and professional career, he has developed a love for high-performance sporting injury management with a speciality in knees and assisting athletes and the general public meet their goals. He has recently launched his own podcast, The Knee Gurus, where he interviews fellow experts in knee injury management, bringing minds together to best progress the speciality.

In addition, he is a certified F.I.S.T. (Fitting Institute of Slowtwitch) Bikefitter and also trained in the Velogic and Leomo data capture systems. Bevan is a renowned free-speed and aero-geek. During his racing career, he always looked for more speed at the same power and considered all facets of aerodynamics when working with time trialists, triathletes and bike racers.

As a physiotherapist, Bevan is interested in data-based measurements and bringing a professional sporting team level of human measurement technology to the general public. Having worked for over 15 years in the ski resorts of Japan, he has seen thousands of acute knee injuries and has a special interest in anterior cruciate ad medial ligament tears, meniscus and cartilage injuries, patella-femoral pain and postoperative care of all knee injuries.

Bevan has attended and presented at several bike fit, medical, and sports science conferences. Bevan had a 10-year career as an elite amateur triathlete and bike racer, qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman in 2013 and 2015. He is husband to Vanessa Colless, an elite amateur and 3 x Hawaii Ironman Qualifier and father to 5-year-old Lola.

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