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We stock a large range of braces, tape and sports equipment. The equipment below is some of our more popular products

rollerFoam Rollers
We stock a large range of foam rollers to assist you with your self-management programs. These rollers are difficult to source in Japan.


We stock a large range of braces for all body parts.



fitballAOK Medi-balls World’s best exercise balls, don’t accept a cheaper substitute. Guaranteed anti-burst to 500kg. The only ball to use for a serious work out or office chair.
Additional information Please call for a quote.





lumbarLumbar Rolls
Designed to hold your body in a better sitting posture. Ideal for people with a history of lower back problems.



Physiotherapist designed back pack with numerous posture improving features. Additional information







neckWheat ‘n’ heat packs
The most effective form of heat treatment Conveniently moulds to any part of the body and can beeasily heated in a microwave oven.





Custom fitted orthotics can help a range of problems caused by poor bio-mechanics. Speak to us for details.



Ergoport Posture Pod
chairThe Ergoport Posture Pod helps improve desk based posture and provides elbow support to help the shoulders relax. On sale now for ¥15,000.



Sports Injury Creams

creamAs an adjunct to treatment we supply Fisiocrem, which includes arnica and hypericum for reducing inflammation and aiding recovery.



Gift Vouchers
We provide Gift Vouchers for Massage, Physiotherapy, Four Weeks to a Better Back, Running Assessments and Bike Fits.

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