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Headaches and Migraines- Is your neck part of the cause?

Headaches short – Tokyo from Moving Presentations on Vimeo.

If so we may be able to provide relief.

headache-neck-pain-300x234Headaches short – Tokyo from Moving Presentations on Vimeo.

Our unique method of examining the small movements of the top three spinal segments (joints) will prove to us and to you if your neck is contributing to your headaches or migraine. If it is then it is very likely that we can help you!

This approach comprises a series of non-manipulative (i.e., non ‘cracking’) techniques, applied in a systematic method which

The fundamental feature of the Watson Headache® Approach is temporary reproduction and resolution of usual head pain when examining the small movements of the top three spinal segments. Not only does this confirm neck involvement in headache or migraine but identifies precisely the joints involved, significantly increasing the chances of a successful outcome. This is unique to, and the most powerful feature of our approach and takes the guesswork out of treating headache and migraine.

The Watson Headache® Approach is recognised internationally (now practiced and taught in over 22 countries)  for its unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and is unequaled in manual therapy approaches for headache and migraine conditions.

In recent, ground breaking research this approach was shown to de-sensitize the sensitized brainstem, which is the underlying disorder in headache and migraine.   This approach is the only cervical manual therapy approach which has been shown scientifically to reduce the migraine state.
For more information on our approach to headaches see this video.

Headache treatment guarantee!

We guarantee to significantly reduce your headache or migraine symptoms within six treatments or we stop treating.

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